creative writing


My passion for the creative industries ignited when I was 15 and my High School teacher offered me a role in a play about De Rerum Natura by the Latin poet Lucretius.

Since then I’ve been nurturing a visceral interest in storytelling and its mechanisms.

My experience of being actively involved within all aspects of the production process enables me to look at written pieces both in isolation and in correlation with project costs, whilst still optimising creativity.

If your creative project needs to be translated from an idea into written words (as a subject, synopsis, treatment, pitch document or even a whole screenplay)

 and we can discuss how we can work together.


This page showcases a selection of my pieces for cinema and theatre, some of them produced by my own independent filmmaking company Storm and Light Pictures.



The Other Truth


Status: Development

"We are the bearers of the original truth..."


A  dystopian drama about two women bonding and sharing their lives behind the walls of a psychiatric institution. 

Beyond a mere portrayal of their condition, the story opens a window on the instinctive human yearning to belong and on the hopeless struggle to fit into the role assigned by a superior social context.

Parrot Man


Status: Script development

"I just look at your hands. Or, more precisely, at your thumbs"


A thriller story diving into the depth of human grief and human evolution, where the ability to adapt determines evolutionary success. 

Hey Elektra! A history of cutting

(English adaptation)

Status: Completed

"In love matters, it is a fundamental premise to feel worthwhile"


A handy leaflet of daily psychopathology. The family as the archetype of primordial violence, where bonds are formed and sliced apart with a single, deliberate cut.  

A play and production by Arsenale delle Arti.

The Melted Heart


Script: Development

"This war is giving you the chance to show who you really are..."


On the wind swept coasts of Orkney during WWII, an Italian POW overcomes the barriers of his imprisonment to conquer a local girl's heart and to leave her the legacy of his eternal devotion. 

Poor Unfortunate Souls

(Writer, producer, performer)          

Status: Distribution

"Daddy is missing us!"


In an oneiric forlorn beach, a guilt ridden mother faces a calvary to gain relief from an unbearable burden.

A production by Storm and Light Pictures.

The Starmaker

(Writer, producer, performer)

Status: Distribution


"If we all are made of stars, what are stars made of?"


A video poetry about the meaning of death and the origins of birth.

A production by Storm and Light Pictures.

The Crow's Legacy

(Writer, producer, performer)

Status: Financing

"You speak for the devil that haunts me"


A feature-length Gothic sci-fi, set within the glorious Tuscan countryside.

A production by Storm and Light Pictures.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 21.27.27.png

Chanel and the smelly world of Market Street

(Writer, performer)

Status: Completed (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009/Leicester Square Theatre, London, 2009)

"Be honest with me: do I smell bad???"


What do a rat of class named Chanel, a frail old bag lady, a homicidal tart named Lola and a fallen supermodel have in common, while sniffing the bitter-sweet aromas of life in busy Market Street?