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Languages expect you to chase them in a race to perfection.

When I was studying Latin and Greek, the geometrical logic behind the construction of a sentence fascinated my brain and reassured my intellect.

However, when translating a classic author — and later on, when I came face to face with communicating and writing in English — I would feel that such a beautifully architected structure was letting something slip away, never to be caught again.

As a writer, I know just how important it is to preserve the author’s voice across the translated version of their work and how vital is for the same author to have supervision over the translation process.



Translation, Transcreation and Subtitling

I work with internationally established clients (White Star, Fabio Curcu Editore, Global Voices Online, Asymptote, Anna Fendi) as well as with bespoke private clients on translation projects in the fields of arts, humanities, entertainment, tourism, lifestyle, politics, and social sciences.


"When I have to subtitle my films, I need an accurate job, that does not alter the meaning of the dialogues. Thanks to her languages skills and her acting training, Inga Sempel guarantees reliability and a professional service that never fail to impress. She is also my consultant for the sales and promotion of my films for the English-speaking market" 

Roger Fratter, Director

"I hired Inga to translate my feature film script from Italian into English; her work was so precious, as she continually interacted with me through questions and suggestions in order to make the translated version a true reflection of my intention as an author. She didn’t simply translate the words, she translated the true meaning of my story."

Davide E., screenwriter


Interpreting, Interviewing and Hosting

The importance of complementing communication with promotional and sales techniques has been at the centre of my contracts with brands such as Ferrari, BrokerscluB AG, Pininfarina, ECA European Casino Association, where I was asked to deliver the needs and challenges of project management and media coordination at the highest level.